Same Day Service

(*Fill in all boxes completely) Name, full physical description, detailed employment information including work hours and job title.
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SAME DAY SERVICE  is perfect for a case which must be served immediately. We will serve within 6 hours of receiving the proper paperwork.  


METHOD 1- USE "Email Purchase Order Receipt"  

1-Within moments of placing your order you will receive a "purchase order receipt" in your email   

2-Hit "REPLY" 

3-Attach your documents    

4-Hit "SEND"       This is the easiest way!  


                    (Keep your tracking #) (Do not use regular mail)

      Mail to:  New York City Process Service
                    256 East 237th Street, Bronx, New York 10470, Suite 1A 

METHOD 3 -   NEW WORK ORDER   Email documents using this link 
METHOD 4  Email docs to: 
METHOD 5 -  OTHER  *call to make arrangements

THAT'S IT! When we are in receipt of your papers you will receive an email confirmation. Next, your order will be reviewed by our staff and sent out for service. You will be kept informed and notified when the papers have been served. Next you will receive an e-copy of the affidavit of service as well as an original mailed to the address you provided. If you have any questions, we're here to help.
1-Why so many methods for sending the documents?    Most customers will use method-1 because it is the easiest. Some customers will be required to serve original documents so they will utilize method-2 "Delivery Service". While others will want to use methods 3-5 for various reasons. Rest assured that whatever your particular needs are, there is an appropriate method.

2-Is there a preferred method for sending the documents?  Method 1 is the preferred because it is the most efficient. After you purchase your service, you will receive an "email purchase receipt" . It is very easy to just hit REPLY and attach the scanned documents and then hit SEND. 

3-How can I be sure that you received my documents?  Every process service order is important to us. When we receive a new work order, we receive an email with all of the information that you entered when you made your purchase. We then immediately enter that information into our database and generate a physical file, as well as the database file. We then follow up with you to ensure we receive the documents to be served. 

4-What happens after you receive my documents? We immediately send you an email confirmation that we received them. Next we carefully review them along with your service instructions. If all looks well, they are scheduled for service according to the time-frame that you purchased. If we have any concerns or need additional information, we will contact you immediately. 

5-How long does the process take? We serve your documents within the time-frame according to the type of service that 
you purchased. 

6-What happens after my documents are served? After the documents have been served we type and notarize an affidavit of service. We then immediately send you email confirmation of completed service and attach a digital copy of the affidavit. Next, we mail out the original affidavit to the address that you provided.

7-What if I don't have a digital copy of my documents? Some customers only have physical copies of their paperwork. At that point we recommend that you have them scanned into a digital file of some sort. If you do not have access to a scanner at home or work, try the local library or ask a friend. However, you can always send the physical copies by using a delivery service. If time is a major issue, send them via next day delivery.

8-Do you accept checks or money-orders?  Yes, we do accept United States Postal money-orders.  However we DO NOT accept personal checks. We do accept checks from an attorney disbursement account. No personal checks of any kind.
Customer Service 
Nidya Pineda  
Office:  718-547-4712

Corporate Sales Executive
Steve Bradian
Office:   718-547-4712