We verify addresses before we attempt to serve the documents to ensure proper service. We do not charge additional fee's for serving multiple individuals or businesses at the same address, provided that they are all accepted for at the time of service. Please include any apartment number, unit number, office/suite number to ensure proper service. We will make every effort to attempt service within the timeframe we have indicated, however if due to natural or unnatural disasters or emergency situations, and our movement is constricted, we may not be able to effect service as indicated. We are not liable for non-service if the information that you provide us is not valid or accurate. We charge per address. Same day service must be scheduled by calling our office to ensure that we are aware of your service requirements. An attempt of service does not gaurantee actual service, there are many factors involved in the proper service of legal documents. However, providing us with as much information as possible will normally help facilitate better service. You must provide us with all relevant documents and detailed information as to where, when and whom you request to be served. We are not responsible for the non-delivery of documents via the mail or email.